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Creating a website used to mean a lot of hard work. It involved learning html code as well as other languages such as Java, C#, php and many more.


Those days are all but gone. These days, if you can click a mouse, you can build a web page. It can be as simple as editing a template with your own text, uploading your own pictures and changing a few colours here and there. You could even easily replicate your own design to compliment your company brochure or other promotional material. All with a few mouse clicks.


You've seen all those TV adverts from the likes of Wix, Go-Daddy and others offering you the chance to build your own site. Well National Website Design uses much of the same software. There is a difference though. These other companies tempt you in with a cheap domain name, give you access to their software but then charge you for every single upgrade you need. Want an email address? They charge you extra. Want enough bandwidth to allow enough people to access your site at the same time? They charge you extra. Need more webspace to place videos and other content on? They charge you extra. Databases? Site security? Extra pages? An online store? Guess what? They charge you extra.


National Website Design could do that, but none of this stuff actually costs us (or them) any more. So why should we charge you for it. 


After purchasing or transferring your domain name, £5 per month for our self build option is all we ask. Unlimited emails, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited webspace & Unlimited databases but I’m afraid it is limited by your imagination. There's not much we can do about that.


You can pay us £10 - £48 per month if you like and we will take care of your website for you, but I'm sure you will have someone who could take care of that from your side. Especially if they make use of the website design tutorials on this page.



A 3 minute video. Buying a domain name and choosing a hosting package 


Choose the Free Trial in the hosting options to see how easy it is.

Lesson 1 - Logging in to your control panel


3 minutes.

Please note: ignore what it says in the video, the access site is now


Lesson 2 - Setting up your email addresses


5 mins

Lesson 3 - Start Building your site


3 mins

Lesson 4 - Change the background picture


3 mins

Lesson 5 - Adding and deleting pages


3 mins

Lesson 6 - Adjusting menus


4 mins

Lesson 7 - Adding links


2 mins

Lesson 8 - Adding video to your website


4 mins

Lesson 9 - Mobile friendliness


5 mins

Lesson 10 - Publish your website


3 mins. So far, you are the only one who can see your site. Publish it for the world to see.

Lesson 11 - Make your site secure


4 mins

Lesson 12 - Adding a contact form


7 mins